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Why Choose TestSmart?

Significant technological advances have been made to automate software applications testing. However, testing of networks and services (layers 2 - 7) remains a labor-intensive, tedious and thus error-prone process. The challenges encountered in network testing are unique and complex. Nevertheless, Network Test Engineers are increasingly under pressure to reduce costs, accelerate testing processes to meet deadlines, and provide business results.

Sapphire's TestSmart platform automates every aspect of network testing - functional, destructive, regression, load / stress, performance, unit / end-to-end etc; it automates testing of services ranging from traditional data, voice, and video, VoIP, storage. Further, the platform is extensible to test new services.

ITestSmart provides a highly interactive and intuitive GUI environment for all the phases of a testing cycle. This enables Test Engineers to focus on important aspects of testing and free up their time from manual, time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Best of all, Test Engineers do not need to learn any programming. The resulting gains in productivity and higher confidence levels are immediate and self-evident.

With product lifecycles shortening, Complex New Technologies merging (Voice, Video, Data, Wireless and Cloud + Tele-presence) and the demand for high-quality products on the rise, existing testing infrastructures just don't measure up.

Product testing challenges which require millions Test Scenarios create lengthy Test Schedules, delaying market release and imposing a costly burden on the company budget. Average 40% R&D dollars are spent in testing the product.

The main testing challenges are:
  • Programming Intense: most traditional tools require extensive use of programming for test development and modification - resulting in high, ongoing programming costs
  • Test Equipment dependent: Traffic Gen-specific solutions increase the cost and complexity of replacing or upgrading test equipment, or compel multiple solutions for complex test scenarios
  • Regression:  Manual testers cannot regress the earlier work without having easy way to automate their work.
  • No standardization: lack of test standardization risks test quality as a result of miscommunication among test developers
  • Inaccessible data: test data are rarely stored in a centralized, standardized way, therefore cannot be properly utilized for informed management decisions
  • Reporting: test results and trends are calculated manually in a time and labor intensive process, leading to data loss or unusable data
  • Costly infrastructure maintenance: continuous effort is required to support existing test libraries, update "home-grown" software and for ‘QAing the QA'

Major Features
  • Familiar, easy-to-learn Windows-based intuitive GUI Tool helps end-user automate without having to know how to program or script!!!!!
  • Thereby, enabling tester to perform task which they are good at – Device testing … And not learning Programming!!
  • Build Automation Testcases along with and while in Manual Testing phase – Saves large amount time required to Automate later
  • Supports various device interfaces – Automate most device interactions
  • Executes multiple testcases on multiple devices in parallel – Reduces drastically the total testing time
  • Performs Real-time Analysis on all device output, like done by manual Tester
  • Supports Branching in various ways
  • Supports Repetition in different forms at various levels
  • Supports Static & Dynamic Parameter at various levels – Provides Reusability just like available in any programming language
  • Generates TCL Script from TestSmart TestCase/TestSuite
  • Archives Results/Reports
  • Supported on various Windows platform
To transform testing from a bottleneck into a continuous drive for quality and long-term success, your company needs a Standardized Test Automation solution. Such a solution is no longer some futuristic concept - it is TestSmart reality.
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