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TestSmart Features

TestSmart is an advanced, GUI-based network configuration and testing tool, enabling quick and easy development of complex test scenarios. All technologies essential for automating today's complex testing environments are integrated in the application, enabling test creation in a fraction of the time of traditional tools.

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Major Features

  • Communicates with devices using Telnet, SSH/SSH1/SSHAuto, ComPort, RAW, TL1, Cmd Tool, Tclsh Tool, Traffic Generators
  • Communicates with devices using TCL-APIs -- helps integrate with Traffic Generator
  • Captures and can replay commands while doing the manual testing
  • Supports simultaneous multiple connections to multiple devices or to same end devices
  • Analyzes device responses in real-time to determine Pass/Fail outcome
  • Provides parameter support to simulate For-Loop
  • Supports conversion of TestSmart GUI scripts into TCL/ATS scripts
  • Prepares reports which display/archive all device-communication & analysis performed
  • Runs on Microsoft, Linux and Solaris platforms
  • Enhanced Parameter Support – Hex, IPv4 Address, IPv6 Address
  • GUI for Integration with Traffic Generator, GUI Enhancements –Export/Import
  • Support for Devices which test High-Availability / Redundancy features
  • Support for parameterization of TestCases
  • Jump To / Go To Support / For-Loop
  • Support for Versioning of Device Responses
  • Workspace Re-Structuring to support multiple user files
  • TFtp (For Large Configuration Xfer) & For-Loop
  • Existing Legacy scripts support - Import/Export + Batch Import of large libraries + Identify and get the values passed as parameters.
  • Topo-map Support

TestSmart Objects



  • Drag-&-drop user interface for quick programming-free test sequencing of Multi-session Test Suites
  • Built-in parallel execution of TestCases, TestSuites, and coordination
  • Creation of complex event-driven testing scenarios
  • Unified test, regression and device-under-test (DUT) management in one application
  • Integral support of a wide range of network protocols
  • Built-in integration of a broad array of script languages and software resources for full utilization of the existing infrastructure
  • Powerful yet simple parsing and analysis rules (Using Sapphire Patented Innovation) act as building blocks for easy construction of elegant scenarios, (and can easily be expanded by the user)
  • Real-time parsing and analysis of captured Responses based on pre-defined Response Templates
  • Networked and stand-alone test development allowing project sharing ,merging and version control

Enjoy all the advantages of a truly user-friendly graphical software
  • Complex tests may be created by test engineers without programming skills using Shell level commands like CLI, TL1, MML… so on
  • Learning curve is drastically cut down – Very easy to use only 2 to 3 days training
  • Programming concepts of Regions for For-Loop & TFtp
  • Editing and updating of TestSuites with minimal effort – Drag-&-Drop of the Test Cases
  • Saving of configurations and Response templates into "favorites" for quick reuse and reference
Make complex testing simple
  • Coordination of parallel actions in an intuitive visual manner Multi & Parallel Sessions
  • Simple event driving and linking
  • Built-in logic and test-flow control tools allow creating generic and reusable complex tests & functions with minimal effort
  • Complete marshaling of information within and between tests using a powerful Parameters engine
  • Trivial capturing, editing and automation of Device Sessions
  • Batch Import Of existing Legacy scripts written in programming language
Leverage built-in support of a wide variety of technologies
  • Protocols include FTP, SFTP, TFTP, SSH, Telnet, TCP, SSH. SSH1, SSHAuto, TL-1 and more
  • Scripts include TCL, Python, Perl, batch file and more
  • Control of all networking equipment from various vendors including traffic generators (e.g. Ixia, Spirent, Agilent), switches, routers, load testers and others
Manage your tests and resources
  • Regressions, tests and functions are stored in a in a file system
  • Linking of regressions and tests to the DUT for tracking history and inheriting test parameters while supporting "many to many" relationships
  • Loading of script libraries and software tools to the in shared central file system
  • Updates, edits and other changes can, by definition, affect all dependent tests and regressions
Collect results and analyze data
  • All acquired results are archived
  • Simple code-free parsing tools allow creation of parsing macros with immediate feedback
  • Simply defined pass/fail and validations criteria with multiple conditions support
  • Data collection includes actions and results allowing complete understanding and identification of errors
  • Built in watchers allow tracking and debugging of all values and updates in design and execution
Why TestSmart
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