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TestSmart Benefits

TestSmart makes the product testing and development process more efficient By automating the testing and thereby significantly enhances product quality. This results in shorter time to market and less cost.

Sapphire InfoTech’s TestSmart Solutions

TestSmart solutions are comprehensive integrated test automation applications that can be used for testing virtually any type of network addressable hardware, device or embedded system. ITestSmart manages and automates the testing process and supplies data to archived report, turning the granularised testing process into a complete quality optimized automation solution.

ITestSmart's enterprise testing environment gives you:

  • User-friendly, extremely flexible, code-free automated test development
  • Maximum reusability of TestCases
  • Business intelligence suite for on-demand reporting, enabling real-time decision-support

Capture & Replay, TestCase Creator

Capture & Replay, TestCase Creator
Generate powerful TestCases in a fraction of the time with no need for programming skills. With TestSmart Device Session's powerful Capture & Replay flexible design, you can quickly and easily create reliable, system test. You can also integrate with other test resources and produce standardized test scenarios to be stored in the TestSmart. The TestCases you build with TestSmart are compatible with any kind of device under test (DUT) and any type of testing equipment. These TestCases can later be reused for additional products and processes.

Advanced Drag-&-Drop, Multi-Sequence and Multi-session Test Suite Creator
Advanced Drag-&-Drop, Multi-Sequence and Multi-session Test Suite Creator

Create advanced test scenarios in record speed with TestSmart Editor - a user-friendly TestSuite creation solution designed specifically for complex testing environments. TestSmart's powerful UI provides code-free automation tools for a wide range of network protocols, script languages and traffic Gen + Testing equipments. It allows you to easily create intricate event-driven test suite scenarios and enables parallel execution of multiple device activities. The created TestSuites are automatically stored in the TestSmart and used seamlessly by other TestSmart users.

Allow to Re-use the existing Legacy Scripts

Legacy Scripts Import

Import the existing test scripts(from existing Libraries on Legacy Automation Platform) in record speed using TestSmart Batch Import. A user-friendly TestSuite creation solution designed to build complex TestSuites by Drag-&-Drop of the imported Test Scripts. These imported scripts can be in any language (C, C#, Tcl, Perl).

Rendering of Testsuites in the existing Automation Environment
TestSuites consisting of TestCases new and imported legacy scripts can be rendered to run on the existing Legacy platform. This helps re-use the existing investment in the Test Automation there by user to focus on the new products and new features.

Easy To Use TestCase & TestSuite Executor
Dramatically reduce testing time and boost your quality control capabilities, in-house or at your most remote outsource location, with one of the fully-automated TestSmart Runner applications. TestSmart executes your TestSmart's TestCases and TestSuites created for various test scenarios and ensures standardization. TestSmart displays all Device output and testcase analysis in real-time and stores them in standardized form in the TestSmart Foundation central database for further analysis.

Multiple Device Session Parallel Execution
Run any type of test, synchronous or asynchronous on multiple devices 24/7 with no human intervention. TestSmart optimizes testing duration on-line, schedules and coordinates testing and test resources among DUTs/Sessions, maximizes station utilization and collects their data to the TestSmart archived results. At the same time, TestSmart helps you optimize your operations for the long-term by tracking the testing of DUTs and the equipment's performance.

Reporting, Business Intelligence & Decision Rule Engine
TestSmart aids executive decision-making by displaying and conveying testing reports and trends.. Whether used for reviewing specific test suite results or for adjusting production processes in response to overall testing results, TestSmart reports turns your testing information into a powerful decision support tool.

The Heart of the TestSmart Value Proposition

Response Template Analysis

TestSmart is the core engine and central file system controller for the entire TestSmart suite of solutions. It provides the vital underlying structure for all the components of the TestSmart and permits them to work together. TestSmart provides very powerful capability to capture the device output. It is then analyzed as if done visually using the Response Template (Patented Technology) for the specific output. This is very powerful innovation which makes Testing easy and more efficient.
Why TestSmart
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