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TestSmart is completely GUI driven and thus eliminates the need for manual, time consuming and repetitive testing tasks. TestSmart is the only testing tool built ground-up to address the needs of network and services (layer 2 - 7) testing engineers.TestSmart is designed to boost network test engineers productivity in their day-to-day testing and certification of products/networks from different vendors.

TestSmart Features:
Lite Version
Enterprise Version
Automatic test case generation
Intuitive GUI with drag and drop feature:
  • Generate Scripts using Capture & Replay
  • Easy to Use Drag and Drop of Test Case Objects
  • Visual Analysis of the Device response Templates
Extensive CLI/Shell level automation
Advanced Response analysis and debug
Parallel/Multithreaded and Serial test execution
Exception handling with Fail-over device support
Advanced Repeat mechanisms
  • Parameters Support
  • Dynamic Parameters
  • For-Loop, Conditional Statement
  • TFtp
Traffic generator API support
Comprehensive reporting
On-line training material to get started instantly
Extensive CLI Script Sharing Support
Multi-OS Support (Windows XP, Vista, Linux, Solaris OS)  
Legacy Script Import  
TCL Export **  
Traffic Generator Orchestration  
HP Quality Center Integration  
3rd Party Test Application Integration  

** Extensible to other language support (e.g. Perl, Ruby, etc.)

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